ID Creations – My Story

15th August 2017

ID Creations - My Story


My name is Nicky and I am a Creative Consultant and the owner of ID Creations. Let me tell you my story…

I have always had a creative streak and knew from a young age that my future career would involve some form of art and design. At school, it wasn’t just a subject area that I felt passionate about; it was one that I excelled in. I left school at the age of 16 and unlike many of my peers; I knew precisely which path I was going to take. My journey began at Leeds College of Art & Design with a course in Graphic Design. After successfully completing my studies, I enrolled at North Oxfordshire College & School of Art and spent a number of years working towards my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration.

After graduation, I went straight into employment within the Graphic Design industry, where I remained for several years before making the life-altering decision to start my own business. Throughout my time in employment, starting my own Graphic Design company had been my dream and my long-term goal.

It wasn’t until I was made redundant, in 2008, that I took the first steps towards turning these dreams into reality. At the time, I was pregnant with what I thought to be an unusually large baby. I’m pretty sure that my rapidly growing bump should have had its own moon! During my 20-week scan, my husband and I discovered that we were expecting twin girls – one of them had been hiding behind the other at the previous ultrasound appointment! It was this news that led me to take the plunge and start ID Creations. Newly redundant and facing the daunting, yet exciting news I would soon have two little people to build futures for, I knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. It was now or never.

Starting your own business is by no means easy. I have a great deal of admiration for those who make the brave decision to leave behind the stability of comfortable, well-paid jobs in order to pursue their dreams and fulfil their life-long ambitions. There is no guarantee that your venture will be a success and sacrifices must be made to ensure that bills can be paid whilst you are working to secure those all-important first clients. I know many people who have taken this brave step and despite facing numerous obstacles on the way, they do not regret their decision and thrive on the freedom and creative independence that they have found with self-employment.

Thankfully, ID Creations has been a success and I have helped local, national and international clients to pursue their own dreams by creating brands that are unique to them and reflect their business personalities. Working closely with my clients, I assist them with creative ideas and produce the artwork for all print and web-based sales and marketing products. A strong, recognisable brand is vital to business growth and I am passionate about helping those who are in the first few months of business, to achieve their initial objectives and secure a presence within their chosen market.

When I am not creating brands, designing websites and producing artwork, I am busy being Mum to my beautiful 8-year old daughters and wife to my amazing, supportive Husband.

As a self-employed mum, I do much of my work during school hours and late at night when my children are in bed. I feel incredibly lucky to have achieved a work / home life balance, which enables me to spend quality time with my wonderful family whilst providing a professional, high quality service to all my clients.

I have a number of hobbies that I like to invest time in at least once a week. Yoga and meditation have long been activities that I enjoy and they both benefit my health and well-being tremendously. I believe that it’s important to look after yourself, especially when you are so busy both professionally and at home. I try to eat healthy, nutritious food and indulge in an occasional Reiki or massage session. I also have an interest in photography and intend to get out into nature more to practice with my camera. Walking can clear the head and really helps with creativity.

Now you know the story behind ID Creations, let me tell you how I can help you with your business. I have a wealth of experience and expertise in design and branding. Whether you need help creating a brand and an online presence, or you are an established company looking to rebrand and revamp a dated website, I can help to make the process as smooth as possible.

I am aware that the needs of a new business are vastly different to those of a fully established company so I have put together a number of different packages. My most popular packages are those, which help new businesses to create a brand identity when funds are limited.

In addition to my advertised services, there are other aspects of marketing which I can assist with via a network of talented professionals. I have built strong business relationships and referral partnerships with Commercial Photographers, Web Developers and Copywriters so if you require additional services to strengthen your marketing strategy, just let me know.

If you would like to discuss my branding packages or see how I can help you to develop your business, please get in touch. You can call me on 0113 815 4677 or email me at